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HAYAS offers a full range of sea, land, air, rail transport and forwarding services for all type of cargoes. Our team will prepare and process all of the necessary documentation in compliance with all regulations. With access to numerous international shipping and warehousing options, HAYAS will meet your delivery requirements, ensure the requisite shipping capacity and the on-time arrival of your goods. 


Our extensive experience has given us a deep understanding of the complex shipping routes that are available, based on which, we have developed and offer to our clients intermodal shipping – a unique shipping option combining different modes of freight in a way that reduces transportation costs.


  • Container transport

  • All type of containers

  • Temperature controlled shipments

  • Hazardous shipments

  • RORO-shipment

  • High and heavy shipments

  • Project shipments


  • Covered wagons

  • Car – carrier transport

  • Oversized shipments

  • Hazardous shipments

  • Best connection Europe / Far East


  • All type of containers 

  • Semitrailers 

  • Car – carrier

  • VAN express shipments 

  • High and heavy shipments

  • Hazardous shipments

  • Temperature control shipments 


  • Door-to-Door Service

  • Airport-to-Airport Service

  • Overnight Freight Service

  • Competitive deferred Air Freight Service

  • Time Definite Express Service

  • Consolidation shipments 

  • Direct-to-Consignee Service

  • Good worldwide fixed connections

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